Monday, July 30, 2012

Fantastic day!

Last Saturday we celebrated 100 years of library service in the village of Glanworth. What a wonderful party we had! We tapped and clapped along with live music, were tickled to see face painting, made crafts, watched and delighted in watching Jenny Wren the clown make balloon animals, and ate yummy snacks. The best part, though, was meeting and chatting with guests. There were former librarians, long-time and new patrons, Glanworth residents, politicians, library board members, family, friends and enthusiastic London Public Library staff members. Our little library was bursting at the seams! Lucky for us it was a gorgeous day so we mingled on the lawn and delighted in the celebratory atmosphere.

Everywhere I looked there were happy faces and cheerful sunflowers!

My mom and dad enjoyed the festivities too.

We were so lucky to have such a talented, enthusiastic band!

It was a very special day. I'm so grateful to everyone who helped make it a great success and to all those who attended. I'm even grateful to those who didn't attend but wished to be there! Members of the Beattie family visit the Glanworth library all the time. I was sad to find out that they couldn't attend the party because they were away on a family holiday. During the party I received a wonderful surprise: A photo of the Beattie grandkids reading while on holidays! They sent a lovely greeting too. So while they weren't there in person, they were sure present in spirit!

It was all so wonderful!

Judy Ann

Friday, July 6, 2012

Best Books!

A couple of weeks ago I received a copy of the Canadian Children's Book Centre's publication, "Best Books for Kids and Teens 2012." I was delighted (and relieved!) to see that Reaching was included in the picture books section. Here's the review:

Told in gentle rhyming verse, this is the story of a baby and his family as they laugh, play and celebrate being together. Join baby as he cuddles with his mom, dad and sister, dances with his grandma, plays horsey with his grandpa and reads his favourite book with Great-gran. Endearing watercolour illustrations will delight both young and old.

Nice, isn't it?

All the best,

Judy Ann