Saturday, August 15, 2015

Something fishy!

There was something fishy going on at our little Glanworth library this morning!

We made cute and funny little origami fish.

Happy Crafting,

Judy Ann

Monday, August 3, 2015

Family Vacation!

We recently returned from a wonderful family vacation. 
Everyone was able to get away for a week in Nova Scotia. 
Two of us drove there in three days, two made the drive in two days
 and the other three flew in a few short hours! 

It rained almost everyday, 

but that didn't stop us from doing all kinds of fun stuff.

There was always so much to see...

...over there...

...and there...

...and way over there...

...and everywhere...

 ...including right here...

...mostly birds!

Besides birding, we did lots of other fun stuff.

Emily was the only one adventurous enough to surf!

(So much fun to watch!)

Some of us visited the very striking new Halifax Public Library. 
The top floor is known as, "Halifax's Livingroom" 
because it has such great city and ocean views, a cafe, 
and patio on the green roof. 

Loads of books, too!

We visited quaint and peaceful Mahone Bay...

...ate Cows ice cream (really, the best ice cream ever)...

...visited the gorgeous Public Gardens in downtown Halifax..

...toured the amazingly colourful, historic town of Lunenburg...

...saw the famous Bluenose II...

...and spent an enchanted evening at Peggy's Cove. 

We all loved it there!

We marvelled at how quickly the tide came back in as we
 puddled on the ocean floor along the Bay of Fundy. 

And closer to home, we were very lucky that just behind our guest house
 was a rail trail, perfect for biking, 
as long as you made sure to swerve around the puddles!

Early-morning rides were our favourites.

 We saw so many beautiful scenes in Nova Scotia, and this was one of the best!
(Can't wait!)

Happy Summer,

Judy Ann