Monday, January 30, 2017

The story of a Hat

I'm trying to keep Leo supplied with cosy hats, a task that is a great pleasure. He needed one that could be fastened under his chin so that it would stay in place. He has a habit of pulling them off! I had fun going through patterns and chose one from my favourite hat book, Baby Beanies by Amanda Keeys. I made the size I thought would fit, but it turned out bigger than I had planned:

(I always like the look of the top of a knitted hat.)

I decided to make another one a little smaller:

But when we tried the small hat on Leo, it was too small!

The large one fit quite well.

We tied it under his chin and for a while...

...he actually forgot he was wearing it!

But eventually, he realized!

Hopefully, when he's out in the cold, our little Leo will keep
 his cosy-warm hat on his sweet little head.

Stay warm and well,

Judy Ann