Monday, January 13, 2014

Making Progress!

Our little Glanworth library renovation is moving along nicely. Have a look!

The workers have gone through the existing back door and are now building what will be the new entrance and washroom.

The new part is pretty much as long as the original building, but not as wide. It will mean our little library will still be just the right size. 

 I miss the Glanworth patrons so much! I can't wait until we re-open so we can get back to our lovely reading, crafting and visiting routines. 

Enjoy your day,

Judy Ann

Saturday, January 4, 2014

So many gifts

I love December! In the Sadler household, we have always had our Christmas kick-off on December 1st, not a day sooner. So it was extra-special this year to spend that day, luckily a Sunday, in Toronto with Emily and Alex and Alex's family. We received the gift of new friends!

Happily, their family is expecting a first grandchild, so of course, I got to make a new baby cap! I told the excited couple that some assembly would be required: I gave them a pink and a blue pom-pom so they could tie on the appropriate one after they meet their wee one. 

 Aren't they a sweet pair?

We went to the Distillery District and were enchanted with the old-time decorations and beauty all around. A gift of a day!

At the Byron Library, we put together a display to promote our program, A Book For Every Child, complete with little snowmen, mini trees and tiny books. We hope all kids received the vital gift of a book this Christmas.

Meanwhile, at our little Glanworth library, we received the gift of a septic tank! And we wouldn't need a septic tank if we weren't getting the gift of a new washroom, yay!

We were thrilled to see a crane-type truck that pulled the library onto the fine, new foundation. Another great gift, right?

We all owe these two dedicated women a huge debt of gratitude for all the incredible work they have done and are doing to acquire funding, promote, and fight for our little library. They are an extra-special gift to the Glanworth community!

Another December gift is our Christmas tree, so fragrant and beautiful. There's never enough time to just sit and stare at it.

As always, I had hoped to make more gifts to put under the tree, but all I managed were two pillow cases. But I'm glad to have at least accomplished that. Happily, they were well-liked!

 Ah, another gift, that of gingerbread cookies and kids (okay, adults) to decorate them. Yum!

 Oh, and those kind of gifts, too, all chosen with love and care and greatly appreciated, especially...

... new pajamas made for me by my sister! An amazing gift!

 And finally, an everlasting gift, that of lovely memories of happy Christmases past,
when Dad wasn't missing.

Even though I love December, I don't mind starting fresh on a new month and a new year. There is so much to look forward to, so much to care about, to worry about, experience, make, bake, write. Blessings on us all!

Happy New Year,

Judy Ann