Monday, June 13, 2016

Idyllic morning

This past Saturday, we had an idyllic morning at our lovely, little Glanworth library.

To begin with, I was greeted with a pair of barn swallows 
who have built a nest in the corner of our library verandah. 
They swooped around, then one sat on the nest 
while the other perched on the railing.

Later, the kids really enjoyed decorating masks with
 all kinds of sparkly and colourful materials.

All the masks turned out wonderfully well. 

The weather was beautiful, so some of the kids played in the library backyard.

One little calf came over 
 to the fence to see them.

Who can resist patting such a sweet little calf? 

All put together, the library visitors, creative kids, dress-up masks, warm weather, friendly calf and swooping barn swallows made for an especially idyllic morning!

Speaking of idyllic mornings, we had one with Leo last week when
 he and his mommy came for a sleepover.

Who can resist Leo in his lion sleeper? Not me!

I hope there are idyllic moments in your day!

Judy Ann