Monday, April 22, 2013

Catching up on crafts, hikes, and a birthday cake!

Sometimes at the lovely little Glanworth Library, the crafts are so irresistible that the adults get in on the action. I love that! 

We made flowers to encourage Spring, which has been quite reluctant to settle in.

The flowers, some rather wild-looking, will be hung around the library for everyone to enjoy.

On a recent hike, we found the first real wild flowers of the season, sort of like dandelions, but no green leaves and happy to grow in sand.

It was neat to see the river so high, cold and fast.

Jeff is rarely without optics on a hike: scope, binoculars and a camera!

After our hike, we celebrated Denny's birthday with an unusual cinnamon-roll cake.

It was popular!

Last Saturday's craft was popular too! We made crazy-looking clothespin creatures.

Each one was a little different, but all were fun to make.

All the best,

Judy Ann

Friday, April 12, 2013

Crafty caterpillars

I particularly like making crafts with simple materials such as construction paper, pipe cleaners and glue. With that in mind, I cut one inch by 11 inch strips of construction paper in a few different colours and set them out on the library craft table. The kids had fun folding the strips into springy caterpillars and adding curly antennae and goofy googly eyes.

Uh-oh, is there something on my shoulder??

Happy crafting,

Judy Ann

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter weekend pleasures

The almost-warm Easter weekend weather felt good enough that we decided to pack a picnic and head out to Rondeau Provincial Park on Lake Erie. Everywhere you looked on the lake there were dozens of ducks. They were just far enough away that you needed binoculars to get a good view. 

 Emily and I decided to leave the others to their ducks and head for the trail for a good brisk walk. Later we had an enjoyable hike with Jeff on a trail new to us. There are many old and fallen tress, great for woodpeckers and many other creatures.

On Saturday we had fun making an Easter egg craft. It was just nice enough that we could snap this photo on the library verandah. 

We also had a delicious Sunday brunch, a yummy supper and lots of wonderful family time, just what I needed.

All the best,

Judy Ann