Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ready! Set! Open!

Just four short days before the little Glanworth library was set to re-open, this is what it looked like:


There was lots to do! We got busy and after a few days of sorting, scanning, adjusting, wiring, organizing and cleaning, the library was ready for its grand re-opening.

I was relieved and happy to see that guests were arriving in droves! The weather cooperated with a warm day which was very lucky because the grass had only just begun to grow. Rain would have made the yard a muddy mess.

There were lovely, warm speeches given by dignitaries and friends,

then the official ribbon-cutting took place.

Over 100 people filed through the library. The MPs even stopped for a few moments to enjoy one of our new books.

There were lots of delighted oohs and ahhs, but the most amazed comments were saved for the addition. After 91 years of no plumbing, you can imagine how good it is to have a washroom!

And how wonderful is it to be accessible by wheelchair, scooter or stroller, or anytime you have your arms full of books!

We're also very happy to have heritage designation. We have a lovely, new plaque beside our beautiful new front door.

It was a perfect afternoon. There were happy conversations, shared memories, lots of laughter, and cake, too. I wondered, though, would anyone show up the next evening for our first official day of regular hours?

I didn't need to worry. My regulars returned!

It was like a family reunion!

My heart is full of gratitude to the women who started library service in Glanworth in 1912 and kept it going through the decades...

...and extends to all those who helped make this renovation a reality. I have adored this little library and the rural community from the first time I set foot in it. I'm so very happy that it is now all set to be around for another 100 years. 

After all, I don't think that our love of books will ever die.

All the best,

Judy Ann

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Almost ready... re-open! The paint is touched up, the cement is dry, flowers are planted, and grass seed has been spread. Boxes of books are waiting to be sorted and shelved. I'm not going to show any indoor shots here. You'll have to come to the grand re-opening on Monday, June 23rd at one p.m. to see for yourself! But if you can't be there in person, I'll post photos next week.

Can't wait!

All the best,

Judy Ann

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lots of Good Stuff!

   It's been a very busy and good few weeks! Back in January, we were delighted to be asked to provide music for our niece's wedding which took place two weekends ago. Jeff did a beautiful job! He pre-recorded himself playing Pachelbel's Canon in D on the keyboard, then accompanied himself on the banjo for the bride's entrance on the arm of her proud, emotional dad. It was perfect! (I wonder how many brides have walked down the aisle to banjo picking?) He also played another piano solo, a guitar solo and he accompanied me as I sang the recessional song.

The setting for the wedding was lovely and the weather was simply beautiful...

...the musician handsome...

 ...and the couple very sweet and in love. It was a special day 
and the beginning of what I am sure will be a happy marriage.

Early the next morning Jeff and I headed off to Ottawa for the annual Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) conference. We stayed at this nice little inn... door to some familiar buildings on a picturesque hill!

Jeff received a great honour at the conference:

Fanshawe College Professor Wins ACCC National Teaching Excellence Award

Ottawa, ON, May 26, 2014 – Professor Jeff Sadler, Coordinator of the Recreation and Leisure Services program at Ontario’s Fanshawe College, has been awarded the Gold Teaching Excellence Award by the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC).

"Jeff Sadler is a passionate and extremely student-focused teacher who embodies our values wonderfully," said Fanshawe College President Peter Devlin. "His captivating enthusiasm and his consistent commitment to high personal and academic standards make Jeff an invaluable asset to Fanshawe. We're thrilled he has received this award."

Admired by his colleagues and students alike, Professor Sadler is recognized for his astonishing command of his subject matter and his exemplary dedication to his students.

A dynamic and enthusiastic teacher, Jeff Sadler also demonstrates leadership and dedication outside the classroom, supporting students and helping the college with curriculum and program development. Sadler has also played a key role in forging ties with a variety of community partners in order to constantly improve the applied education components of his program.

“Canadian colleges offer some of the best learning opportunities thanks to the dedicated teachers who bring knowledge and real world experience to the classroom,” said Denise Amyot, ACCC President and CEO. “As our Teaching Excellence Award winners show us, college professors regularly go above and beyond to create a positive learning environment for our students.”

 Not bad, eh?

Then last week it was announced that the little Glanworth library will re-open on Monday, June 23rd. The ceremony will be at 1 p.m. As you can see in this photo, the sidewalk/ramp has been poured and just needs some finishing touches.

There's a nice, gentle incline up to the new accessible side door.

I love that there are still cows in the backyard!

We will all soon be back visiting, browsing, reading, crafting and enjoying our little Glanworth Library!

Enjoy your day,

Judy Ann