Monday, April 25, 2011

Images of Easter

What a wonderful Easter weekend we had! The weather turned out unexpectedly warm making for a relaxed and fun Sunday brunch. My niece, Courtney, made what she called "tie-dyed" cupcakes. Have a look!
She divided and dyed the batter, then put a spoonful of each colour into each cupcake. Here's a close-up, a little blurry, but you get the idea:

My sister, Irene, made sweet mini cupcakes, as yummy as they were pretty.

My sister, Linda, made a beautiful oatmeal cake. She somehow managed to coat the whole thing in irresistible pecan-coconut-butter frosting. Mm-m! As you can see by the knife in the photo, we wasted no time cutting into it.

And now you know why I had to go for not just one, but two walks today.

Hope you had a lovely weekend too!

Judy Ann

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  1. Mmmmm... looks like this sister missed some yummies! But I did make my great carrot cake with the best cream cheese icing ever!
    Love the Blog Judy! Looks great! another way to keep in touch! I love it!
    Would love to chat soon! xo Pauline