Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jamming with Mom

Mom and I spent yesterday making strawberry jam.

We filled every small jar in her cellar and even had to fill two huge jars because we ran out of little ones! (My brother-in-law, Greg, will get one of the enormous jars: he's a great fan of Mom's homemade strawberry jam.) It was wonderful working together mashing, measuring, mixing, stirring, boiling and bottling pan after pan of jam. We even got Dad in on the action, squashing strawberries. Mom has made jam so many times that it is second nature for her. I haven't made any for years, so it was great to have those skills renewed. I've decided as soon as local raspberries are available, I'll be making more jam. Right now, though, I need another slice of toast with jam.

Enjoy your day,

Judy Ann

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