Monday, October 3, 2011

Spool Buddies

Jeff and I had the pleasure of looking after our 5 year-old niece, Marie, for the weekend. She loves being crafty as much as I do! Here are photos of the funny little spool characters we made together. To make them, bend a long pipe cleaner in half and thread on a two-hole button for a hat. Thread on the head bead, then an empty (or full!) thread spool. (I have a bag full of lovely old wooden spools that I dip into regularly for crafty projects.) Thread on another button and twist the leg pipe cleaners so the spool won't fall off. Wrap a short pipe cleaner under the head to make arms. Bend over the ends of the pipe cleaners to make hands and feet. Decorate the spool by wrapping it with variegated yarn (glue the yarn ends in place) or glue on a piece of fabric. Tie three strands of yarn under the button hat to make hair. Finish the spool buddy by drawing on a face.

Sweet Marie decided this one needed a necklace so she patiently threaded little beads onto waxed dental floss. So cute! We separated the strands of yarn to make wavy hair. (You can also braid the yarn hair.)
She trimmed this buddy's hair.
Loads of fun!

Enjoy your day,

Judy Ann

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