Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring unfurling before our eyes!

What a perfectly beautiful morning, with spring unfurling all around us! I wandered around the yard, camera in hand, to record some of the beauty.

Our red bud bush is getting so tall I couldn't get a close-up shot, but the blossoms are a lovely purple colour. (I've never understood why it's called red bud!)

We have quite a number of maple trees, and right now the leaves and keys are small and perfect.

I didn't realize the bleeding hearts were in bloom!

Even weeds look pretty good up close, don't they?

As I photographed this hosta, just sprouting, I realized that some creature has trimmed one of the sprouts!

I guess I can understand its appeal, after all, it looks like fresh, crisp lettuce!

Enjoy this lovely Spring day,

Judy Ann


  1. Cole says, those pictures are amazing! I agree! I think we might be a wee bit jealous here with our brown grass just starting to show some sign of spring, and barely a bud to be seen on the trees, BUT in 21 days it's going to be amazing! Right?!
    Xo P

  2. I love bleeding hearts. My mom used to take them apart, using the pieces to tell me a story about them. All I remember is that it's about a prince and a rejected love. Wish I could remember the details.... perhaps Google will know!