Monday, September 2, 2013


Just over five weeks ago my father passed away.

F.A.W. Bertens
 September 20th, 1929 - July 26th, 2013
Dad was a good man, well-loved and respected by everyone who knew him. He had lots of joy in his life, but he endured a great deal of sadness too. He mostly lived his life with quiet grace. We miss him.

It's been a difficult time for our family, but also a time of great love and kindness from extended family, friends and neighbours. We have felt their love, care and concern, much of which they made visible with home baking and cooking, flowers, notes, cards, calls and kind words. We feel so blessed. It's a strange time too, when you lose someone this close, the days of grief, and trying to gather together your thoughts and memories for the eulogy, making all the visitation and funeral arrangements, hugging and being hugged, going through all the intensity of the rituals of death. Then, a week, maybe ten days later, ready or not, life starts up again. You try to move forward, jump right in, still feeling enveloped with love and sympathy, until another small kindness undoes you, and the reality of the loss washes over you again. And again. I guess that is to be expected. Really, how could it be otherwise? Love, loss, joy and grief are all part of life. And so is gratitude, which we feel deeply for Dad's life and Mom's strength and so many wonderful people around us. 

Enjoy this day,

Judy Ann

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  1. Thanks Judy... You have certainly captured our experience of our loss and the days that followed. So lovely you've shared this... Missing Dad and the family... Hugs! Pauline