Thursday, November 28, 2013

November in review

As is too often the case, I get behind on just about everything. In an effort to get caught up on a this blog, here is my photo review of a good, busy and surprising month. 

We started on a nice note celebrating Jeff's birthday with a sour cream coffee cake, one of his favourites. It was a lovely evening.

Then we were thrilled to receive the AWESOME news that the little Glanworth library would be closing for renovations, yay!  We had an enjoyable Saturday morning, crafting (note the cute bracelets the girls just made) and rejoicing in the good news. It is a little bittersweet, though, because I will miss my wonderful, sweet, caring, creative, loyal patrons so much! The hope is that the renovation will be almost complete in January.

The next time we are open, we will have a slightly bigger, accessible little library, with a washroom!

We are so grateful for the support of the Glanworth community, London Public Library, the federal government, the city, and other friends of our treasured branch.

On the last day we were open, I packed up the crafty materials, my desk and other items, but the library's efficient and wonderful facilities crew packed up the almost 3,000 books, magazines, CDs, DVDs and all the shelving and furnishings. Whew! 

It looked surprisingly big when it was emptied out.

Within a few days we had our bathroom. Hm-m, I was sort of hoping for indoor plumbing!!

The digging for the septic tank is underway. I'll keep you posted on the progress of the renovations. It's very exciting!

Early November brought another surprise: A load of snow even before the leaves were off the trees.

Our pumpkins looked pretty with a cap of snow.

The new snow gave me an opportunity to try out my new boots. Very cosy and waterproof.

Cold weather makes me want to bake, so it has been a good month for that too.

This is raspberry buttermilk cake, before and after being baked, yum!

Another family favourite, crunchy-top banana cake.

These cinnamon mini-muffins taste as good as they smell.

I'm a fan of any kind of scones, especially these cinnamon date type.

I guess I don't need cold weather to feel like knitting, just a new, wee baby to knit one for.

The snow we got in early November quickly melted, but last weekend we got another surprise: Almost 70 cm/over 2 feet of snow in less than 18 hours!! What an amazing sight.

It's been a long time since we had so much snow all at once. This was the view out of the studio window.

It just kept snowing, even as we were trying to dig ourselves out.

So pretty!

One of the nice things about a big snowfall is that everyone is out on the street shoveling and snow-blowing, chatting and helping one another.


It snowed again last night so we are all set for December!

Stay cosy,

Judy Ann

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