Monday, April 21, 2014

Snapshots of Spring

         I'm not sure we can trust that Spring is really here, but it looks like we might just be lucky enough to have one of those old-fashioned Springs where we get a glorious day, then a rainy one, then maybe a couple of cool ones. That would be fine with me. I like to be eased into the next season, not plopped into it to quickly.

These flowers are on the south side of the house. The snow melted and there they were.

Easter is a wonderful reason for indoor flowers.

 Isn't this the cutest little plate ever? I had to refill it many times over the past couple of weeks!

I can't seem to stop baking ever since we got the new kitchen island.

 Here's proof that the sun finally has some power! This was a pair of chocolate cats, but after a couple of hours of waiting to be found during our outdoor Easter-egg hunt, the cats were a puddle in the bottom of the box. Oops! 

I recently had the pleasure of seeing our little Glanworth library on the inside. The photos don't do it justice, and of course it is unfinished, but it is going to be lovely. We hope we are just a few weeks now from re-opening. Fingers crossed!

What you see here is the opening into the new part which has the washroom, 

 new automatic door

 and book chute. A real book chute!

Enjoy your day,

Judy Ann

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  1. Wow! Lots to take in in this post! Library is looking wonderful! Your baking looks delicious! (Who ever thought you could possibly gain weight by adding an island to your kitchen!) And I am jealous of the beautiful, fragrant, colourful blooms in your yard! Enjoy!