Monday, July 28, 2014

More Partying in Glanworth!

Our grand opening celebration on June 23rd fell on a school day so we weren't able to have any children's festivities. We decided to make up for this by hosting another party last Saturday. We had so much fun! Our face-painter, Lynn, got warmed up by painting her own arm.

When I saw her creation up close, I knew she would do a great job on the kids!

And she did! She painted charming butterflies,

cute bees (with shoes!),

cheeky flowers,

cute kittens,

and creepy dragons, too!

Jim made funny balloon creations to the delight of the kids!

We also had a bike decorating contest. If you look closely at this beautifully-festooned bike,

 you will see that our bike-riding artist used copies of book covers on the streamers. Very creative!

 She even used a very familiar book cover!

We were happy to see a decorated wagon as well. Great job!

My favourite musician

and his friend provided the toe-tapping music.

Our Glanworth Community Association members each received a commemorative photo of the library, framed with a piece of the ribbon used in the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Lovely!

It was another wonderful celebration hosted by a terrific community. 
How lucky we are!

Happy reading,

Judy Ann

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  1. Awesome post Judy Ann! This shows what a great community this library is in, and how much they love their library and librarian! Congratulations again on the re-opening and the fantastic job you've done around it all. (Hugs to you and your favourite musician!) PV