Friday, March 20, 2015

Book + matching fabric = fun!

Mo Willems is a very entertaining author/illustrator currently popular with young children. His books are very funny and sweet. I was lucky to find fabric with art showing one of his most popular characters, Pigeon. I decided to make a couple of pillow cases out of the fabric for two very loveable kids. I used the rolled method to make the pillow cases and you can find the instructions here. It's quite easy and almost seems like magic that it works!

I made one pillow case with a green band and the other with a purple band.

Way too much fun!

 Have a creative day,

Judy Ann


  1. Ooooh! Fabric and children's books. Two of my favourite things. I've given some Mo Willems books to some great nieces and nephews, too. Some favourite people. You've given me another great idea.

    1. Lovely to know you share a couple of my passions, Margaret!