Monday, May 11, 2015

Flowery Ballerinas!

Recently at our little library, we had fun making flower ballerinas. I bought inexpensive silk flowers from a dollar store and pulled the blossoms off of the wire stems. The hole in the flower is just big enough for a  doubled pipe cleaner to be threaded through. Along with beads, buttons and yarn, we were able to make very cute ballerinas with blossom skirts!

Two of the ballerinas had a grand adventure! They danced on the table...

...they danced on a book...

...and they danced high on a shelf!

I lost track of them, but then I noticed some bright colour in a pot of dead flowers outside.

We will soon plant real flowers in this pot, but in the meantime, they certainly are a lovely addition.

Happy crafting,

Judy Ann

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