Thursday, April 28, 2016

Another busy month!

I'm surprised to see it has been a month since I last posted to this blog! It's been a very busy April and it started with Denby and Heather's beautiful wedding.

The table settings were lovely...

...the couple happy and in love...

...the weather unusual, but pretty...

Photo by Kelly Taylor:
...the venue gorgeous....
Photo by Kelly Taylor:
 ...and the parents were very happy and proud!

It was a perfect wedding and we are confident that
 the marriage will be a livelong love story.

The above two photos by Uncle Greg
Later in the month I was warmly welcomed at a local school to 
present books and crafts to the students. Great fun!

April brought the opportunity to play with puppies!

And in April we also walked...


...and gazed at Leo...

...and enjoyed every moment!

 I hope April was a good month in your world, too.

 Judy Ann

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