Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Leo is #1!

Somehow I thought maybe time wouldn't whiz by as quickly with a grandchild as it did with our own kids. I think, in fact, it has gone even quicker! How is it possible that a helpless baby can become his own little person, so funny, sweet and really, the king of our hearts, in one far-too-short year?

Leo is one!

We celebrated with balloons...


...(there was a heavily-iced cupcake on Leo's tray)...

... and fun...

...with Leo and his loving family. 

The great-grandmas couldn't resist reading one of Leo's new books.

And Leo couldn't resist "reading" one of his birthday cards!

A beautiful day for a beautiful one-year-old!

Enjoy your day,

Judy Ann


  1. Oh my gosh! PROFICIAT! What great pictures! I'm sorry it slipped my mind that your sweetie was having his first bday! Looks like a wonderful celebration! ❤️ Thanks for sharing the photos. XOX

  2. Thanks, Sweet P! It really was a wonderful day!