Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Little Magic

There was a little magic in the air at our lovely Glanworth library on Saturday when we made pretty, decorated and beribboned wands!

There's a little magic in the air at the Byron library, too. In mid-January we decided to take on a charitable project, so we asked for eight-inch knitted squares that we can stitch together to make blankets for those in need. We set up a basket with knitting needles and yarn so that our patrons could sit and knit in the library as well as at home.

The response has been amazing! There are so many kind knitters willing to donate their yarn, time, and talents. Look at the piles of squares we have already, and there are more coming in all the time! We will soon organize a sewing bee and get some blankets made. See what I mean about there being some magic in the air?

And there's always magic in the air when Leo is around!

I hope there's a little magic in your life as well.

Judy Ann

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