Monday, April 2, 2018

Review of Nothing

             I'm so excited for May 1st when Nothing Happens in This Book, illustrated with Vigg's fabulous, delightful and whimsical art, will be released. Here's an early, lovely review.

From Publishers Weekly:

"Canadian illustrator Vigg brings a retro sensibility to the spreads with a restrained palette of yellowish-brown, olive green, and brick red, and his figures sport the cheerful grins and wide-open eyes of cartoon characters."

This passage is fun, too:

"Sadler keeps the pace at a quick march, building smoothly from quiet stillness to riotous fortissimo..."

Isn't "riotous fortissimo" wonderful? It perfectly captures what is happening in the book (not that anything—ahem—happens in this book). But really, who needs a better review than Leo's, when, after reading the story for the first time, he said,


Leo still loves to read it and knows some of the lines off-by-heart!
He makes my heart sing!

I hope you have someone to make your heart sing, too.

Judy Ann

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