Monday, October 25, 2021

Paper pumpkins

Here's a fun paper-pumpkin craft that I've done at the library and with my grandkids.

Fold a sheet of card stock or construction paper in half, 

then fold each half to the centre.

Draw a pumpkin shape on a piece of cardboard or heavy paper. 

Trace it onto the folded paper so that the pumpkin 

goes off the paper on both sides. 

Cut out the pumpkin shape...

...and unfold your pumpkin string.

Draw on faces or decorate as you wish.

Hang up or stand up your pumpkin strings wherever you like!


Judy Ann


  1. Cute! I sent the link to Paul's Katie, thinking in particular of her Kelson. Had to make some myself, though, so I'm taking them to our little neighbours.