Friday, June 21, 2013

Ladybug, ladybug

       Here I am again, long overdue with this post, but happy to snatch a few moments to get caught up. I try hard to be creative daily (I love Deanne Fitzpatrick's  motto, "Create Beauty Everyday") but I don't always succeed. I recently cut out seven little dresses that I had hoped to have finished by now, but I'll blog about those another time, hopefully soon. In the meantime, it's a darn good thing I have to come up with a weekly craft at the little Glanworth library so that I have an opportunity for a little creativity now and then. Here are instructions for making a ladybug with movable wings.

Start with a shape as shown, then poke or punch in a small hole.

Cut out a circle

 then cut it in half and poke in a hole at the top of each half.

Decorate the wings with stickers or foam cut-outs,

then fasten the wings to the body with a brad. Glue on googly eyes and draw on a smile. Poke in holes above the eyes,

then make pipe-cleaner antennae.

Being crafty is fun at any age!

The finished bugs are fun to show off.

 Happy crafting and happy summer!

Judy Ann

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