Monday, February 3, 2014

Beautiful Snow

I know I should be sick and tired of winter by now, but I just can't help it: I love the beauty of newly-fallen snow! We often go for walks around a pond at the end of our street, and that's where most of these photos were taken.

There are beautiful colours even in the mostly-white of winter.

 The way snow settled on this chain-link fence almost looks like a quilt pattern.

 I like how snow stuck to the curly ends of the branches on this shrub.

 We have a tray (a wedding shower gift from many years ago!) that has a sweet saying on it, 
"All around us everyday, nature's art is on display." It might be a little corny, but it is also true.

We puzzled over this footprint for a few minutes, then realized it is made by a wild turkey with big feet!

Snowy owls are another fairly common sight in our area this winter. Talk about winter beauty!

During this extra-cold winter we are having, it is difficult to imagine that we have ever been able to sit on the verandah in shorts and sandals. The time will come again!

Enjoy this day,

Judy Ann

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