Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bread and Honey

          Last Fall Mom inspired me to start baking bread again. It's been wonderful to have the smell of fresh-baked bread in the house over this long, frosty winter. One of my favourite recipes calls for  buttermilk and honey, yum! Jeff loves thick slices of my bread with peanut butter and honey for lunch. (He says it's a great sandwich to eat at his desk or on the run because he can hold it in one hand!) Buying liquid honey to put in the bread and creamed honey to put on it reminds me of how much I loved honey when I was a kid. Every summer for a week or so, I had the pleasure of staying with my cousins on their dairy farm. A neighbour kept bees in the forest at the back of the farm, and as payment for allowing this, every year my aunt and uncle were given a few pails of creamed honey.

It may have been because I was with my cousins in a place I loved to be, or because it was summer, or because we didn't have honey at home, but whatever the reason, that honey still stands out in my mind as the best ever. I loved it for breakfast on toast with butter, so delicious! A while ago, I mentioned this to my cousin's wife (she and my cousin and their family now run the dairy farm), and the next time I saw her, she very sweetly gave me one of the original honey tins.

 Isn't it great? Imagine having four pounds of honey on the breakfast table! I keep the tin on display in my studio, and looking at it makes me feel warm, and a little bit hungry for homemade toast slathered with butter and honey.

Have a sweet day,

Judy Ann

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