Saturday, March 28, 2015

Felted Knitting

I love knitting, but as often shown in this blog, I rarely have time to make anything very complicated.   Baby caps and scarves are my specialty! Every now and then, though, I need some magic in my knitting. That's where a project from a great little book called OneSkein comes in handy! I used 100% wool yarn, not super wash, just lovely pure wool, to knit what looks like a floppy hat?? 

A loose sack??

The wool I used has a bit of variation in the colour so that's why you see a subtle striping on the top and bottom.

So what happens when you put the knitted item in a pillow case, tie the case closed, then throw it in a washing machine (it is helpful to add a couple of heavy items such as a pair of jeans) with hot soapy water?

You get a bit of magic! The floppy knitted item gets transformed into a thick, felted bowl. How cool is that? You can't even see any of the stitches anymore. Doesn't the darker striped area around the brim look lovely now? 


You can control the shape and size of the bowl by taking it out of the washing machine partway through the agitation cycle to check it. Don't allow it to go through the spin cycle. When you are happy with the size and shape, rinse it well in cold water and squeeze out the extra water with a towel. You may need to smooth the edges of the bowl. Place it on a heat register or in the sunshine for a day or two to dry. It might start out smelling a little like a wet dog,
but it will smell just fine once it is dry. 

I haven't decided yet what I'll put in my new bowl. 
Buttons? Beads? Chocolates? 
Lots of possibilities!

Happy crafting,

Judy Ann


  1. Perhaps a couple Easter eggs? Lovely.
    I've got OneSkein on hold at the library now, but just entering the search term "one skein" revealed several other appealing options.

  2. I could definitely go for the chocolate ones! OneSkein has lots of lovely little projects. And yes, One-Skein Wonders is also filled with inspiring projects! Enjoy!