Thursday, April 16, 2020


I don't think we could ever have imagined a time like we are enduring now. There are so many distressing stories from around the world, but, thankfully there are just as many heartening ones. In our family we've had great sadness and worry, and the heartbreak of not being able to be with our elders and grandchildren. We are doing our best to follow the rules so that we can successfully get through this time of isolation, physical distancing and total upheaval. We are so lucky to be well. We feel great gratitude for family members and everyone, absolutely everyone, who is working hard to keep governments, hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, grocery stores, farms, on-line services, law enforcement, emergency services, transit, education, construction, sanitation, postal services, water, deliveries, food services and so much more still going. Huge gratitude, for sure!

On a lighter note, I'm very lucky to have enough yarn, fabric, flour and yeast to get me through many months of staying home! And I don't need much, except my imagination, to write stories.

I've done lots of baking and sharing!

I've made myself a top, and I've cut out a sweet little dress
 for a sweet little girl in my life!

I've done a little knitting and corking, too, and intend to do more.

Because of all the worry, it is difficult to really embrace the extra time I have. 
I will try. If you have a gift of time, I hope you make good use of it, too.

Please be well,

Judy Ann


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