Monday, March 8, 2021

A Chat with Deanne Fitzpatrick!

    A few months ago, I had the great pleasure and privilege of being interviewed by one of the most creative, inspiring, generous, curious, accomplished, and beautiful women I have ever met, Deanne Fitzpatrick. Her mantra, Create Beauty Everyday, is perfect for reminding me, and anyone else who strives to live a creative life, to get busy. The beauty we create can be as simple as a loaf of bread, an embroidered flower, a photo, a line in a story, a quilt block or, in Deanne's world, gorgeous hooked rugs. Check out her rug hooking website where you can see Deanne's amazing original rugs, her wonderful books, get instructions on rug hooking, and that's where you'll find the podcast of her interview with me! We talked about writing books, one of my favourite topics. Of course, I slipped mention of my grandkids in there, too, as often as possible! If you happen to listen to it, you'll hear me say that I don't yet know who is illustrating my next book. Since then, we have our terrific artist, Élodie Duhameau. She is doing a fantastic job of illustrating Waiting, which will be out about one year from now. Can't wait!

Have you created any beauty today? I baked cookies and buns, certainly not perfectly beautiful, but still delicious!

                                                                          Enjoy your day,

                                                                                Judy Ann


  1. Nice to see you back! That was a fantastic interview with Deanne. Fun to listen to, but even better hearing your voice!
    What did I create? Hmmm a big pot of minestrone soup and a lovely soda bread with Dubliner cheese. I was thinking I must take a photo to send, but before I knew it, it was sliced in half and sent off with Claire to her piano teacher (my friend Kathy) with half a pot of soup! Your creations look delish!
    Love and hugs to you! Have a wonderful and creative day! XOX P

    1. Oh, you're the sweetest to leave such a lovely comment! I didn't get notified about this so I'm just seeing it now. Thank you! Your creative spirit is very much alive and well in your baking and home decorating and so much more. Oh, and in your kids, too!