Monday, April 5, 2021

More Printmaking

 I've been dabbling in printmaking ever since I wrote my first craft book for kids, Prints. Recently I bought this beautiful new book by Elise Young called, Block Print For Beginners. She carves gorgeous images and shares clear instructions, as well as tips and tricks, for helping us become printmakers, too. Inspired by Elise, I'm taking time to experiment.

I carved this image in soft rubber:

I used a stamp pad to ink the image, then pressed it on paper to print it. 

I used a new pencil eraser pressed onto a yellow stamp pad

 to add the flower centres:

I got brave and used block printing ink to get a bolder, more permanent image:

I thought it might look nice to use orangey-red paint for the centres:

Then I tried printing on dark paper. It's quite a different look, not quite as appealing.

I hope to keep on playing!

I hope you have playtime, too.

Judy Ann

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