Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Point Pelee

My hubby and I took a play day on Monday to go to Point Pelee for the spring bird migration. It was an amazing day! I don't know my birds, but Jeff (and many experts there) sure do. We saw countless species including at least a dozen different warblers. One of my favourites (and the most plentiful) was the perfect little Yellow Warbler.

See what happened when I tried to photograph it? All I got was a yellow blur as the wee warbler kept flitting from branch to twig to stem.
I finally managed to get a couple of shots, not really good, but at least not blurred! 

Trees, rooted to the spot, are so much easier to photograph;-) These marsh-side willows are absolutely gorgeous in their bright green spring foliage.

Enjoy your day,

Judy Ann

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