Monday, March 4, 2013

Birthday cake!

We hosted a birthday party for my mom-in-law the other day so I had the pleasure of baking two cakes. I read through my new favourite baking book, Vintage Cakes , and chose the Italian Cream Cake. It had buttermilk, toasted chopped pecans and coconut in it, with chocolate ganache between the layers and on top. M-m-m.

I also made my regular chocolate buttermilk cake but instead of chocolate icing I made Raspberry Buttercream Icing from Vintage Cakes. I split the two layers to make four so I needed lots of pink icing. Here it is in process:

The finished cake...

...with candles...

...and presented to the birthday girl!

I really like the way the pink icing looks between the layers.

There wasn't much left of either cake, but Jeff and I had enough for a couple of nights of dessert.

Happy baking,

Judy Ann


  1. WOW! You really take the cake Mrs. Judy Ann! Beautiful, lucious looking cakes. Sure would love a piece (or two)! :)